We are a family who walks to the future.

We are family who walks to the future
with passion, respect and trust
for more than 20 years

Bursa, the city where Dersiyon is established has 1500-year-old textile history. The adventure, which started with silk production and fabric weaving, played a major role in Bursa’s industrial revolution, and many long-established companies are founded in this city.

With this essential legacy and high standards, we established Dersiyon in 1997. Our founder Cemal Çetinkaya, who came from a family of weavers, spent his childhood in Bursa Curtains Bazaar where he first discovered the potential of home textile industry. One successful step followed another and Dersiyon became a brand which exports its products to every continent and gives franchise to countries such as Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.

Since day one, we have been doing home textile production with a focus on curtain fabrics and bedspreads, and making the majority of our sales to America, Australia, Europe and Far East countries. We continue our project-based approach by targeting hotels, hospitals and wholesales.

After the joining of Ece Çetinkaya, family’s second generation, to Dersiyon in 2019 company defined sustainability as an essential part of its DNA and have started to take actions to reach its goal.


We believe unique fabrics plays a significant role in adding soul to a place. That’s why we produce every fabric with passion and combine it with creativity at every stage. All home textile products with Dersiyon signature have distinctiveness with their unique design. We renew our products seasonally based on trends and necessities as we are on the road to perfection.


Sustainability is an integral part of Dersiyon’s company DNA.

We are working only to make a positive impact on our planet. We approach the home textile business as a way to bring elegance, comfort and convenience to spaces around the world. Our passion to beautify life motivates us to work for a better future.
The priority of our R&D department is to come up with timeless collections, not seasonal, thus we are always after solutions to extend product life with quality improvement by using new technologies.


Dersiyon, as a long-standing company, is like a big family. Each member of the family works devotedly in solidarity towards a common purpose. We are a family which always knows the value of each other, acts with respect under a single roof and aims to be perfect at every task.

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